Edit By Vheavens  对《Python核心编程》的褒奖 “ The long-awaited second edition of Wesley Chun’s Core Python Programming proves to be well worth the wait—its deep and broad coverage and useful exercises will help readers learn and practice good Python.” —Alex Martelli, author of Python in a Nutshell and editor of Python Cookbook “对陈仲才《Python核心编程》第二版的漫长等待是值得的——它的深邃、 它的全面以及书中实用的练习将会帮助读者学会并掌握杰出的Python技能” ——亚历克斯·马特利(Alex Martelli)《Python in a Nutshell》一书作 者,以及《Python Cookbook》的编辑 “There has been lot of good buzz around Wesley Chun’s Core Python Programming. It turns out that all the buzz is well earned. I think this is the best book currently available for learning Python. I would recommend Chun’s book over Learning Python (O’Reilly), Programming Python (O’Reilly), or The Quick Python Book (Manning).” —David Mertz, Ph.D., IBM DeveloperWorks? “之前就听到许多对陈仲才《Python核心编程》的溢美之词,最终这些褒奖 被证明都没有言过其实。我想这是现今学习Python最出色的书籍了。我认为仲才 的书超越《Learning Python》(O’Reilly出版社),《Programming Python》 (O’Reilly社),以及《Quick Python Book》(Manning出版社)” ——大卫·梅尔兹(David Mertz),哲学博士,IBM DeveloperWorks “I have been doing a lot of research [on] Python for the past year and have seen a number of positive reviews of your book. The sentiment expressed confirms the opinion that Core Python Programming is now considered the standard introductory text.” —Richard Ozaki, Lockheed Martin “我在过去的一年里对Python进行了许多研究,并且读到了许多对你作品的 肯定评价。这些评述准确的表达了一个观点,这就是《Python核心编程》现在被 看作是一本权威的Python读本。” ——理查德·尾崎(Richard Ozaki),洛克西德·马丁(Lockheed Martin) Edit By Vheavens                                                              Edit By Vheavens  公司 “Finally, a book good enough to be both a textbook and a reference on the Python language now exists.” —Michael Baxter, Linux Journal “最终,一本杰出的融教材和参考书目于一身的Python书籍诞生了。。” ——迈克尔·巴克斯特(Michael Baxter),《Linux Journal》 “Very well written. It is the clearest, friendliest book I have come across yet for explaining Python, and putting it in a wider context. It does not presume a large amount of other experience. It does go into some important Python topics carefully and in depth. Unlike too many beginner books, it never condescends or tortures the reader with childish hide-and-seek prose games. [It] sticks to gaining a solid grasp of Python syntax and structure.” —http://python.org bookstore Web site “非常不错的作品。这是我迄今遇到的最清楚最友好的阐释Python的书籍了, 并且它还将Python引入了更广阔的领域。它没有冒昧的大量引用其他经验,而是 谨慎、深入的探索了Python的一些重要主题。与许多入门读物不同,本书不会用 小孩子捉迷藏般的文字游戏折磨或施惠于读者。它紧紧扣住了Python语法和结构 这两个主题。” ——http://python.org 网上书店 “[If ] I could only own one Python book, it would be Core Python Programming by Wesley Chun. This book manages to cover more topics in more depth than Learning Python but includes it all in one book that also more than adequately covers the core language. [If] you are in the market for just one book about Python, I recommend this book. You will enjoy reading it, including its wry programmer’s wit. More importantly, you will learn Python. Even more importantly, you will find it invaluable in helping you in your day-to-day Python programming life. Well done, Mr. Chun!” —Ron Stephens, Python Learning Foundation Edit By Vheavens                                                              Edit By Vheavens  “(假如)我只能拥有一本Python书籍,那肯定就是陈仲才的《Python核心 编程》。它涵盖了《Learning Python》的全部主题,但是却更加深入宽泛,所以 这绝不单单是一本充分包含了核心语言的书籍。如果你只想在市面上购买一本 Python书籍的话,我向你推荐本书。你会享受阅读的,包括它里面会经常幽程序 员的一默。更重要的是,你将学会Python。更更重要的是,你会在日复一日的编 程生活中受益不尽。好样的,仲才兄!” ——罗恩·斯蒂芬(Ron Stephens),Python学习基金 “I think the best language for beginners is Python, without a doubt. My favorite book is Core Python Programming.” —s003apr, MP3Car.com Forums “毫无疑问的,对于初学者最好的语言我认为就是Python。而《Python核心 编程》则是我的最爱。” ——s003apr,MP3Car.com论坛 “Personally, I really like Python. It’s simple to learn, completely intuitive, amazingly flexible, and pretty darned fast. Python has only just started to claim mindshare in the Windows world, but look for it to start gaining lots of support as people discover it. To learn Python, I’d start with Core PythonProgramming by Wesley Chun.” — Bill Boswell, MCSE, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online “就我个人而言,我喜欢Python。它简单易学、十分直观、具有惊人的灵活 性、而且快到岂有此理!Python刚刚才开始引来了Windows世界应有的关注。但是, 如同人们发现它的过程一般,让这种关注的深入需要足够的支撑。学习Python, 我选择从陈仲才的《Python核心编程》开始。” ——比尔·博斯韦尔(Bill Boswell),微软认证系统工程师,《微软认证 专家在线杂志》 “If you learn well from books, I suggest Core Python Programming. It is by far the best I’ve found. I’m a Python newbie as well and in three months time I’ve been able to implement Python in projects at work (automating MSOffice, SQ

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